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What is Tele-Nutrition?

Tele-Nutrition is part of the Tele-health experience as it relates to nutrition. It is an interactive audio and video telecommunications system permitting real time communication and visualization between patient and registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN).

We offer Medical Nutrition services to FQHC and Rural Health Clinics via Tele-Nutrition. Many of these services qualify for insurance reimbursement if your facility is in a non-metropolitan statistical area. ​These services can be provided to your clinic at no cost.
Please contact our offices at 901-759-9337 for more information if your clinic is interested in providing these services to your patients.


Dietitian Associates, Inc. provides nutrition counseling directly to individuals either at their home or at their business through an encrypted HIPAA compliant face to face audio/video conferencing system. We can provide you virtually with the same excellent service that you have always received in our offices including education materials as well as follow-up visits.
Note: Personal nutrition counseling services from your home or office are not reimbursed by insurance at this time; we accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover Cards for your convenience. 


If you are using Skype to communicate with your dietitian,  it is not HIPAA compliant in protecting your personal information. 

Individual Tele-Nutrition Counseling

Tele-Nutrition Services Available to Rural Health Clinics

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